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Growing Assets, Tax Efficiency, & Employee Benefits

Because we work with so many business owners, we know the important role you play in our society. We also know the challenges you face. First, business owners shouldn't have to live in fear of outliving their money. That's why we can help you make the right financial decisions so you can keep your money and make it last. Second, business owners should be able to retire when and how they want to. We can help you understand and complete the steps you need to retire. Finally, business owners want to focus on what they do best: running their business. You shouldn't have to spend your valuable time worrying about things like tax bills and retirement accounts. Our job is to help simplify your financial life so you can spend more time on both your business and your other interests in life.

Our Process

When it comes to helping business owners like you, we basically start out as detectives. We peek into corners, crawl beneath the floorboards, and leave no stone unturned to find out how we can help save you time, manage your money, and reduce your stress. For example, we can:

  • Potentially reduce your tax bill by helping you find the appropriate retirement plan for your business, whether that be a SIMPLE IRA, 401(k), or even a hybrid Defined Benefit Plan.
  • Examine your existing retirement plan for ways to potentially reduce costs, increase flexibility, and add options. Sometimes 401(k) plan providers charge high fees or only offer a limited menu of investment choices. Whatever issue you want to solve, we can help you find a solution.
  • Determine if there are ways to stabilize your cash flow.
  • Help you achieve your personal future by creating a transition/success plan, contingency plan for emergencies, and retirement plan for the day you decide to hang up your spurs.

Our Services

Here is a list of the services we offer:

  • Tax-reduction strategies. When it comes to your money, our goal is to help you keep more so you can do more.
  • Business planning. Whether you want to grow your business, protect your business, or even sell your business, we can help in the process.
  • Retirement planning. In order for you to retire when and how you want, you need to have a plan. From determining how much income you will need to helping you maximize your Social Security benefits, we do it all.
  • Frequent and regularly scheduled meetings to update your plan, identify any new opportunities, and help you with your ever-changing needs.
  • An informative and enjoyable calendar of high-quality newsletters, tax reports, and articles of interest so you can stay educated about new developments in the economy and how they may affect your business.
  • Regular client-only events – some educational and some just for fun. Our clients look forward to these all year-round.
  • Personalized service that delivers you our best and most current ideas, suggestions, and strategies.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

We provide fiduciary reviews of your company retirement plan to keep you compliant with all the rules and regulations.

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