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Health Care

Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, and Health Insurance

Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, and Health Insurance

Your good health is a precious gift. Healthier people are able to stay active and enjoy life more. Proper health coverage is critical for your personal and financial independence. A critical health event or an accident can wipe out all of your savings and investments.

Karen will help you find the right individual plan to meet the needs of you and your family.

Evaluate your current situation to match you to an individual plan based on

  • Affordability
  • Preferred coverage (HMO, PPO, HAS, etc.)
  • Benefits offered in plans
  • Deductible preferences
  • Doctor preferences

Karen carries all major health care providers, including Blue Shield, Kaiser, Blue Cross/ Anthem, United, Health Net, and more.

Karen can also help you preserve your nest egg by finding the right Long Term Care Insurance plan and individual disability (income protection) plan to protect you and your family from the effects of catastrophic health problems.

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