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Our Service Pledge

We strive to provide a prudent investing experience by:

  • Developing a comprehensive strategy based on your personal goals, objectives, circumstances, and needs, and to help bring discipline to the investing, process.
  • Striving to eliminate stress from the investment process by: Balancing diversification, time horizon, cost, volatility, and potential opportunity for wealth, creation and/or preservation in all recommendations.
  • Developing an appropriate risk-management strategy.
  • Keeping you focused on the long term goals.
  • Recommending a broadly diversified investment program designed to take advantage of the entire market.
  • Striving to implementing higher standards of objectivity, confidentiality, honesty, and ethics in serving you.
  • Conducting face to face annual reviews (or more often if appropriate) to help ensure sufficient progress is being made toward your goals.

We Will:

  • Return your calls and communications, and within 48 business hours. (Note: Our office will be closed and staff unavailable on all Jewish and legal holidays.)
  • Promptly handle all routine service issues for all accounts related to change of address, beneficiary designations, bank changes, etc.
  • Maintain personal and updated confidential files for your accounts.
  • Conduct Annual Compliance Reviews of all office procedures and files to help ensure the higher professional standards are maintained.
  • Create opportunities for you to participate in educational sessions and information through newsletters, annual reports from your investments, and other sources.

What we Expect From You:

  • Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation for success
  • Complete and accurate information about your overall situation is essential to our shared commitment to helping you attain your personal and financial goals. I can do a much better job serving you if you can provide me with copies of investment statements, insurance statements and policy information, tax returns, and all other relevant information (even if someone else is handling your account).
  • Commit to meeting with us on a regular basis so that we can collaborate in providing you the best opportunity for success.
  • Keep us informed of any upcoming life changes for you and your family.

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